When I was young, I obsessively drew  Snowspeeders and Stormtroopers from "The Empire Strikes Back." Though I really would have preferred to draw them from life, back on Earth I was limited to magazine photos and books.  About age 12 I precociously decided it's not very becoming of a good artist to draw from photos, so from then on I limited myself to drawing from my head or real life, in pencil.

When I was at art school, Victor Lara, my most formative teacher took the pencil - my safety blanket - out of my hand and forced me to work in charcoal. It built confidence because the first mark you put down is the one you work with. No turning back. This inspired me to begin working in ink with my sketchbooks.

When I was a working professional, the world around me suddenly accelerated into digital means. I found myself frequently using Command-Z and working in lots of dark rooms. No fear of mistakes or nature.  As a result, my sketchbook become a sacred portal to chasing life and feeling human again back on Earth.

- Colin McGreal